Credits & Resources


You know those days when you run out of ideas? Nothing’s happening – and it all looks, well, just wrong. A day of those dreaded dry spells when it seems your muse has taken a hike and there you are with nothing to say and absolutely no desire/inspiration to create illustrations… That’s when I turn to my beloved creative community of fine illustrators, photographers and designers to get the juices flowing again. And since sharing is caring, here is my go-to list of resources – with a liberal amount of hat tipping to those whose images and products help to make merry this website.




Lisa Glanz – brilliant illustrator of whimsy and delight. I use her images quite liberally as a resource to illustrate my posts – and as quirky additions to some of the photography. The lamp above, as well as the patterns in the header image, were created by Lisa. I love that little desk lamp!

Creative Market – if there is another comprehensive resource of graphics on the web, I would be surprised.

Spoon Graphics – owned and operated by Chris Spooner, this site is a veritable treasure trove of tutorials and design resources. His videos are so precise and well paced and, well, I love listening to anyone with an English accent.

Design Cuts – this website is a relatively new resource for me. They have discounts when you purchase more than one resource and offer carefully curated bundles at huge savings.

Callie Hegstrom – another example of lovely illustrations – mostly watercolor and beautiful brush fonts. Oh, the fonts!


Death to the Stock Photo – beautiful photography, liberal license to use and well organized. This is my go-to source for stunning shots.

Filter Grade – the most comprehensive collection on the web of Photoshop actions and filters to make your photographs unique. Retro, moody, colorful, bright, surreal – FilterGrade has them all.

UnSplash – free photographs shared by talented photographers from around the world.

Website & Hosting

Station Seven – this is my top choice for beautiful themes. Make What Matters rocks their Analogue theme and I couldn’t be more pleased with the options and style. Even when I think another theme might be great – I always return to Station Seven. Always.

Elegant Themes – this for is for the more adventurous designer who wants to build their site from the ground up using their Divi theme. It offers the ultimate in customization and I have used it for clients’ websites.

WordPress – my chosen platform. Stable, always improving and updating and free. Who could ask for more?

Siteground – this is where Make What Matters is hosted. Reasonable prices, reliable, easy access to information and always a friendly voice on the phone.

Emotionally Uplifting

Holstee – this is where I go on the web for grounding and for remembering why we are all here in the first place. Lovely people, uplifting messages, and some amazing art and prints. Go there. Become a member. Now. (Just do it because it’s great, this is not an affiliate link)


Note: Some of these links may be affiliate links from which I receive a small percentage if you should purchase something. I thank you in advance if you use them – it helps defray the costs of running this little site.


Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash
Pen used in photo by Lisa Glanz