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Taking a time out and thriving

Last summer I left home for a sweet little island in Florida to assist my elderly and ailing mother. She needed the help – she was becoming more frail as the days passed – and, so, I was happy to relax in the sun, spend some time with her and help in what way I could. Leaving home isn't always convenient or easy – but I took all the necessary trappings and art materials to keep me occupied and ... Read More about Taking a time out and thriving

How to personalize your site

It's time to personalize your site! Hooray! You'll want to see this tutorial in the Restored 316 Support Docs that will help you through this process. How to personalize your site Want to know how to add a button to your pages and posts like it's shown above? How to add a button Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash ... Read More about How to personalize your site

When in doubt: Make cookies

This demo content is meant to help you create a foundation with which to build your new website. It provides some sample content, sample images, and also some helpful tutorials that help you get your brand new site up and going for the first time! Once you have your site completely up and going, you'll want to come back and write your own posts, and upload your own images. Once you have about 3-5 ... Read More about When in doubt: Make cookies

How do headings work?

Headings are used to highlight titles in sections of content for your site. In the drop down from the tool bar above the page or post that is being edited, you'll see options for Paragraph (which is default, Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, Heading 4, Heading 5, and Heading 6. You are able to highlight any text within your post or page and choose one of these heading options. Headings are ... Read More about How do headings work?

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