Pitiful pictures? #photoshopit

When I was a baby – probably about 9 or 10 months old – my mother did as all mothers do and made an appointment with the local photographer for formal portraits. I was the youngest of three girls at the time and mother had a habit of getting all dressed up herself with the exception of putting on her dress but, instead, putting a pretty wrapper on and then getting the rest of us dressed and pretty. The story goes that, while my mother was getting her dress on, my older sister became impatient with me for some reason and threw a box camera (yes, the old kind that weighs a good bit) and hit me in the head. The ‘getting ready’ soon turned into a rush to the hospital for stitches before going to get our portraits made. Why she didn’t change the appointment, I’ll never understand.

So, going through a box of old photographs I came across my only baby photo from that session – or any other that I’m aware of. Pitiful. So, what does one do? Photoshop it, of course.

Colorizing the baby photo was the easy part. Clipping myself from the photo and placing my baby self in a new setting was a little challenging but taking pieces of fern from the base photo and overlaying them so that I sorted of blended into the scenery which ended up being quite satisfactory.

I flattened all the layers into one and ran a few actions from FilterGrade and adjusted the colors a bit. I think it turned out quite fancy.

Think about photoshopping a less-than-perfect picture when you have a few moments. It will improve your skills and will make up for really disastrous photos. I sort of like myself as a faerie.

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