Never give up – it doesn’t have to be perfect


As most creative-type people, I spend a lot (huge emphasis on lot) of time thinking and planning.  Then, when I’m tired of planning I usually browse around the web and read my favorite blogs and, by the time I get back around to the actual doing, I’m exhausted – and sometimes a little discouraged just looking at all those other sites and their clever art and writing…

And there’s the trouble in a nutshell:  the “too much” planning and then comparing

Neither one of those (in large doses) will get you ahead. Got a plan? Move on it. Comparing your work to others? Just stop it.

New routine = better results

1.  Devise your plan before you get too rushed or uptight or anxious. Relax!  Ever notice how ideas just come “out of the blue” when you are doing something like cooking, walking in the mall or taking a shower?  There’s a reason for that:  you stopped thinking too hard – leaving your mind open to receive.

2.  When you have one of those brilliant insights or ideas – sketch or write down the notes immediately because they can be illusive little things.  Always keep a pen a notebook handy.  And, yes, I have paper and pen next to the shower and in the kitchen.  Grab those gems even if they seem a little far-fetched or outrageous.  They are gifts.

3.  Stop comparing yourself. To anyone. You are unique with unique offerings. You are a gift.

4.  Act on it.  Do the next logical thing – even if it is just a small action.  You’ll get there but you have to put it in motion like only you can.

5.  Enjoy the process – wrap yourself in the delight of knowing that you are doing something you love in service.

And, as always, make something that matters. I promise your creative endeavor will result in increased love for one’s self and work and a knowing that you can do it.

Because you can!

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