Hey! I’ve got your kid’s art!

All it takes is a call from my sister saying, “Hey, I’m going to Goodwill – want to go?” and I’m dressed and ready in a flash with sounds of Macklemore’s Thriftshop humming in my brain. (Video at the bottom of post. You’re welcome.)

I’m gonna pop some tags – I got $20 in my pocket

It’s amazing the things people will donate to thrift shops and I am, admittedly, a newbie at seeking out treasures to restore, repurpose or give a new home. I have two sisters who are experts and have an eye for some of the most amazing stuff – at amazing prices. My collection of all-that-is-retro has grown with each adventure and it’s great fun to be with one or both of my #thriftsisters.

Early on into rummaging through thrift stores I noticed a lot of art showing up in the stacks of donations and one, in particular, caught my eye. My first thought was, “Hey, that’s pretty cool – looks like a child’s art.” Then I noticed it was some child’s art, nicely matted and framed – obviously by a proud parent or grandparent – but, uh, what was it doing here? In a thrift shop? Donated?

Of course, I bought it – for about $7.00. And that’s how I started collecting other people’s kids’ art.

Untitled, Tempera and crayon on paper, 18″ x 22″

Man in the Moon - Make What Matters

This masterpiece was painted with a lot of care and imagination. The balance of the objects portrayed is perfection. I love the drawing of the central character – resting under a blanket (no less) – who I assume is the well-known Man in the Moon. Taking a nap. How precious is that?! Notice that the artist (or teacher) carefully seamed the paper together – his (or her) concept was just too big for one sheet.

Click on the art for a larger view.

Man in Moon - Detail - Make What Matters

I fell in love with this artwork and it now hangs in our living room. There is no signature or age of artist on it – which is a shame. If it looks familiar to you, get in touch with me. I would love to know its history and might, perhaps, have a stern word or two for whoever once loved it enough to have it carefully preserved only to abandon it to Goodwill.

Stay tuned – this artwork is just the first I obtained. There’s plenty more to come.


Note: Some of the lyrics are mature but once you watch this video you won’t be able to go thrifting without thinking about it. Or humming. Fair warning – enjoy…

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