Getting from where you are to who you are

The old adage of “location, location, location” is only one of the perceived roadblocks to achieving the “life of your dreams”.  The truth is, location has absolutely nothing to do with your success or failure and neither does what you do for a living, how you dress or with whom you socialize.

I believe that one hundred percent of getting to the heart of who you are and what you are seeking – whether you call it spiritual growth or personal development or business success – is about letting go of limiting thoughts and opening to a greater and more expansive thought process – one that sees nothing as an obstacle and every event and connection and happening as part of the natural flow of life.

We are a culture that collects and hoards.  We want more – and it doesn’t matter what it is more of – “more” translates to “better”. And by that very admission, the flow to our receiving is blocked.  Giving, as in making what matters, is the key to getting from where you are to who you are.  If you truly want to find your “purpose” –  your gift to the world – you have to show up with a willingness to be in service.  And not just to those in need.

Along with all of that giving – you also have to remember to give to and be in service to yourself. The truth is, if you cannot take care of yourself, you cannot help anyone else.  So, what do we usually “give” to ourselves?  Deadlines and demands, worries about money, death and taxes. We obsess over getting “ahead”.  And in all the scheduling of dentist appointments, meetings at work and, yes, even yoga classes, we forget to be aware or take note of anything unless it is on the “to do” list.

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There is a practice to all of this letting go of limiting thoughts.  First, I ask you to let go of your limiting thought that this practice won’t work for you.  It will.  At least once a week, step outside of your self-imposed box and let your inner voice be your guide.  Go for a walk – preferably some place you would not ordinarily go – and just be open to where you instinctively think you should go.  When something catches your eye, whether it is a rock, a tree, a dead limb or a discarded soda bottle – sit with it for a while.  See what presents in your mind – but don’t try to “read” too much into it.  Just relax into your thoughts.

After your walk, journal your thoughts about taking this “new” path.  And, later, tell a friend about the walk and be as detailed about the place and the things you saw there.  I will bet you remember more than you think – and be prepared for whatever emotions accompany the remembrance.


What are you focusing on today?  Can you take a few moments and think of a time when you were unstoppable and nothing seemed impossible?  Where are you now?  And, most importantly, who do you want to be?

Begin thinking about beginning your sentences with “I am…”  and “I have…”

Create something amazing today. Make something that matters – to you and others.

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